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Patients from throughout Orange County and Greater Los Angeles visit the Super Vision Center in Santa Ana, California known for one of the largest, most diverse, most current and most discounted selection of top-line eyewear, anywhere. You will be able to choose glasses that reflect your personality, provide comfort, and suit your appearance. The styles are made with state-of-the-art materials for the lenses and frames in up-to-date styles for every individual. With a proper fit and custom design, your eyeglasses can make you look, see, and feel better than ever. Come make a change.

Eyewear Showroom Q & A

Super Vision Center

How often do I need new glasses?

You should get a new pair of glasses if your prescription has changed.  Therefore, it is important to visit your doctor ideally once a year so that they can let you know if and when a change is necessary.  If your prescription doesn’t change at all, it will only be necessary to get new glasses should they become damaged, break, or you just grow tired of them and want a new pair.

What type of eyewear are provided at Super Vision Center?

Dr. Berke takes pride in carrying superior eyewear made with the finest materials and workmanship from brands including:

• Kate Spade                         • Silhouette

• Ray Ban                              • Givenchy

• Dior                                     • Giorgio Armani

• Salvadore Ferragamo          • Emporio Armani

• DKNY                                 •MarcJacobs

• Versace                                • Marciano

• Nike                                     • Valentino

• Tory Birch                           • Long Champ

• Calvin Klein                        • Carolina Herrera

• Polo Ralph Lauren               • Lucky Brand

• Guess                                    • Coach

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