SVC Max Computer Lens®

We designed this lens with the dedicated computer user in mind.  It is for those people who spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer monitor and who are not comfortable with their current glasses.  And, it is for those people who are looking for a better alternative for their particular work station set-up.  For example, if you have a traditional progressive lens and are tired of trying to use the narrow transition intermediate zone to see the computer, the SVC Max Computer Lens® would likely work for you.  The SVC Max Computer Lens® is designed with the whole upper portion of the lens set for the computer monitor distance.  This allows a full field of view for scanning across your computer screen.  As your eyes move further down the lens, the power increases until you reach the lower reading portion.  This reading portion allows you to see the keyboard, your desk, or anything else that is just a little closer than your computer screen.  And, because of the design, the SVC Max Computer Lens® provides a significantly larger reading area than any of the other leading progressive lenses: it 30% larger than the Varilux® Comfort or the Varilux® Panamic lenses; it is 55% larger than the Essilor Natural® lens; and, it is 32% larger than the Pentax AF mini™.

                                                            Smooth                                    Computer            Reading
                                                          transition zone                           distance                Prescription


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