If you have an eye emergency during business hours (10-6 Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri; 10-8pm Thurs; 10-2 Sat) please feel free to call us at 714-979-2021.  Let us know what the emergency is and we will fit you in to our schedule, no matter how busy we are.  We can assess your condition, and either start treatment, or make the necessary prompt referral.

If you have an after hours eye emergency, you can call the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center 24 Hour Emergency Care Line at 714-966-8100; you can visit the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital 24 Hour Emergency Room at 17100 Euclid Ave. (Euclid and Warner); or, you can visit your nearest Hospital Emergency Room.  If you need to speak with doctor Berke at the Super Vision Center, you can call Dr. Berke at home at 714-289-1302.